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Senan Dunne


Project 1: Back to Basics

My Major project for Dunnes Stores was based on the concept of reusing “the waste we have and create it into beauty” taken from the WGSN Spring/ Summer trend “Transform”. I wanted to create a garden/ park scene to remind customers that summer is approaching and that days spent in the garden will return. My featured props are either sourced sustainably or are recyclable. Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, I wanted to create my props, especially the tree, through different mediums to show the beauty of the natural world through man-made items. My colour palette focused on naturally derived colours from stripped earth neutrals to pastel tones like pale pink, linking back to my theme of caring for our planet. The colour green has many calming and cooling properties and carries the symbol of good luck; this is important to me to portray has I hope it will give people hope for the bright season approaching. My styling focused on my colour palette of earth featuring greens, beige, and soft pink. Linen was a popular material this season, so I featured multiple pieces of it as it's perfect for summer.

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