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Leigh Rogers


“It’s time to go slow”, they said.

A glimpse into our lives in the present, the things we reminisce on, and our hopes for the future.

This series of photographs and corresponding video were birthed from the idea of youth being trapped within the global pandemic. The story begins with our youth on a nature walk, which seems to be the only thing we can do throughout these lockdowns. We then flash into a dream state; an ethereal energy surrounds this set, adding a breathe of lightness to the piece and encouraging us to think of our hopes for the future. A flashback to the past occurs, as we recall our nights of pleasure, fun and entertainment, something we are all missing dearly throughout this ongoing pandemic.

Leigh RogersIMG1 by new-project-page Leigh RogersIMG2 by new-project-page Leigh RogersIMG3 by new-project-page Leigh RogersIMG4 by new-project-page Leigh RogersIMG5 by new-project-page Leigh RogersIMG6 by new-project-page