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Jennifer Reilly


Project 1: Time to Escape

My major Project industry installation was designed for Dunnes Stores. The window space was quite tall, so I wanted to do something playful with the height and use it to the best of my advantage to create something eye-catching. I designed the entire scene as a plan view but onto a wall elevation so the viewer can see the design and merchandise on offer, creating an exciting composition.

My design was inspired by the WGSN S/S 21 trend ‘HomeSpun’ and the art of making, the use of sustainable materials, natural dyes, and celebrating nature. I wanted to create the feeling of escape, which is much needed at this current time, such as a beautiful, secluded meadow, where we can kick off our shoes and lie in the long grass, which is blowing and dancing in the breeze. The grass was made from paper and washed with homemade natural dyes made from beetroot and yellow onion and then cut by hand; this created a lovely texture. I styled the mannequin and suspended it with wire in the centre of the scene.​ I also suspended the other merchandise using nylon thread. I finished the installation off with soft pink lighting gels on the spotlights, positioned on the mannequin and merchandise to highlight, and finally adding fans to bring the whole scene to life.

Jennifer Reilly Proj1 1 by time-to-escape Jennifer Reilly Proj1 2 by time-to-escape Jennifer Reilly Proj1 3 by time-to-escape Jennifer Reilly Proj1 4 by time-to-escape