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Project 1: Paper Crane House

My design concept for the Fashion and Branding module was derived from paper cranes. Coming from Japan, the original meaning of the paper crane is to represent your wishes to the person you give it to. Each paper crane carries a little wish which is meant to become true eventually. Paper cranes have beautiful legends and cultural heritage and have gradually become people's emotional sustenance. At first, a thousand cranes were made as prayers for the ill to heal as soon as possible. Later, some people folded paper cranes to pray for successful outcomes. I hope to use simple props to express the Coach brand's innovation.

I designed a large paper crane in the center for the window as the main feature. The smaller paper cranes are evenly distributed on the bottom and sides of the window. They are divided into blue and white; white cranes represent the swan, and blue cranes represent the sky. The roses on both sides of the windows play a role in embellishment and decoration.

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