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Shauna Heron


Under the Undergrowth

Details can be easily manipulated. Information is often multilayered. Deliberately arranged in order to portray one narrative and one point of view, these layers combine together to create a specific story. Now more than ever, the information we receive can be altered and skewed by the context in which it is presented. What is initially perceived as fact can be examined more closely and revealed as propaganda or material taken out of context- designed to deliberately mislead the reader. Much as the pages of a storybook are collated together in order to tell a story, messages must be grouped together in a way that is accessible to the reader and make it easy to digest.

This project aims to create a textless, fully illustrated piece of art that explores the idea of layered information. As the user moves through the pages, the imagery presented receives context and the reader begins to comprehend that knowledge must be looked at objectively, in addition to being looked at as a whole in order to understand it fully. The idea behind this project is begin to install the idea amongst readers that while material can be initially presented as something daunting or scary, upon further inspection it often becomes something much tamer and more manageable.

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