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Key4Life is a charity that rehabilitates young men in prison or at risk of going to prison and provides real solutions to help reduce youth offending. The brief at hand was to find a way to connect to young people on their level and to try to show them that there is more out there for them rather than resorting to gang affiliation and going down the wrong road in life.

I decided to use a felon showing his suffering, regrets and remorse for his wrongdoing in the past to try and encourage the viewers' empathy and to highlight the suffering involved in knife crime for both the victim and the perpetrator.

In order to connect with the younger demographic, I came up with a concert where English grime artists will perform in a concert. The aim of the concert is to raise awareness of the issue of knife crime and all proceeds of the event will go towards the Key4life charity.

It was challenging to brainstorm ways in which I could reach the youths and I decided to approach it by putting the campaign in their faces. We plastered posters all over neighborhood’s that are known to have high knife crime incidents. I also decided to release

an energy drink, a promotional hoodie and an album featuring all the artist that will be playing at the concert in an attempt to be more relevant to younger people and get more attraction to the Key4Life foundation.

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