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Giffgaff wants to position themselves as a company that cares about the environment. They want to reduce e-waste by recycling old phones and the finite resources that are in phones.

They have created a mobile phone scheme to reduce e-waste in the UK.

By giving customers money for their old unwanted phones and recycle the finite resources that they contain.

This will prevent the phones from ending up on toxic landfills and causing more harm to the environment.

The animation is set in a post apocalyptic setting, where the world is hit by extreme weathering, in this case, extreme snow blizzards. This setting will help get the message of how harmful these phones are for the environment and how they negatively affect it across. Displaying wanted posters of the phone, shows that there is such a need for the finite resources that they contain, making them so desirable to be recycled.

The main protagonist, a bounty hunter, identifiable by his trusty hat, sets out to find the two wanted phones, in an attempt to help save the environment from further damage, who will also be rewarded.

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