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Climate change campaigns predominately place emphasis on tangible impacts such as rising sea levels and animal extinctions. What is not so commonly talked about are the intangible repercussions such as climate grief. Climate grief refers to a sense of loss and anxiety related to the overall effects of climate change. It is related both to changes that have already happened and to changes that are coming, or are in the process of happening. Nowadays most people know that things are indeed changing rapidly, but it is difficult to know the exact changes in the ecosystems around us and how quickly they are taking place.

The scale of climate change is overwhelming which makes it hard for people to face. Speaking at the Galway International Arts Festival on climate change, former president Mary Robinson urged people to take ownership of the climate issue and “make climate change personal in your life.” This film narrates my personal sense of loss and anxiety resulting from the growing awareness of the temporal changes taking place to North Bull Island due to climate change. I aim to inspire people to consider their own relationship with the environment to motivate affirmative action against climate change.

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