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The prospect of entering the menopause has different meaning for different people.

For many, it can be a daunting experience heightened by the media’s representation of what the menopause is and how it should feel as opposed to how it actually feels. The menopause can be very definite sign from nature that a person is ending one era of life and entering into a brand new chapter - similar to retirement from career. So, why don’t people celebrate the menopause in the same way?

The decision to use humour as a vessel to project the conversation into the public domain as an open and honest discussion (particularly within a younger, male demographic) was a deliberate and considered choice. Humour is often used to disguise embarrassment - which is inevitable for some demographics when it comes to discussing topics like the menopause - but it can also be a form of celebration, which is exactly what the message of this campaign is. The menopause is a prime time in many lives worldwide and should be celebrated, and if not celebrated, it should at least be spoken about openly and honestly.

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