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Project 1: More Than Meets the Eye

A human is a bundle of senses. When we touch something softly, like a flower with our fingers, we feel differently from when we smash something with our hand. We memorise these feelings unconsciously. So when we see the same or relatable situation, it can bring us back to the memory and create an image in our minds. But we are losing our senses gradually with the advance of new technologies. City living has decreased our interaction with nature and now, more than ever, people are spending more time indoors. People are missing out on the benefits that nature offers like increased creativity, reduced stress and overall improved well-being.

The aim of this project was to create a publication that educates the viewer on the benefits of experiencing nature through their own senses. To create this experience for the viewer it was done through a handmade journal, which can act as an accessible guide for people to connect and engage with nature once again in order to enhance their mental wellbeing. The publication invites the reader to question their understanding of how we connect to nature and to form a relationship with a palette of materials through personal, sensory experiences.

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