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Project 1: Temporary Escape

Temporary Escape is my response to the Biophilia brief set by ISTD, for the 2021 edition of the awards. The publication explores humans’ interactions with nature.

We as a society have normalized our interactions with plants taking their properties for granted, people don’t fully grasp the everyday benefits of interactions with plants and nature. Focusing on those living in urbanized areas where consciousness about plant ecologies isn’t as widespread, as
people are too preoccupied with important information and filter out unimportant information and plants happen to fall into that category.

It is from this lack of being informed that I aim to generate a piece of text that can be consumed by all of those within an urbanized area, achieving this through a fold out poster layout. Folding and unfolding of the publication reveals new information that all work in conjugation with each other, and once unravelled creates a whole new meaning. Unravelling humans’ reactions to nature through emotions and the power that plants hold in order to form a connection.

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