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Home fitness of recent has become a hot topic with the recent pandemic and lockdown resulting in many people living and working at home more than ever. Home fitness has become the norm and from early research the trend will look to stay as the pandemic slowly ends and more and more companies decide to make remote working part of their work after the pandemic and people realize the comfort of home fitness. Although with these growing trends there are still huge amounts of people who want a home gym but are unhappy as 87% of people do not exercise happily at home. This is down to several problems such as not having the right equipment or poor equipment, not enough space, not enough time and so on. This is also down to competitors lacking in the necessary areas.

Introducing fly, fly is a flat multi purposefully equipment piece.  That uses flywheel resistance and moveable arms to give the user unlimited range of options for exercising. Fly is compact and mobile making it not restricted to using and picking one location but also results in a quicker setup time. Due to its flat shape the user will be able to store it in a range of areas and locations that are currently not utilized enough. For example, under beds, couches, cabinets and so on. Unlike many other home fitness product or gym products this concept gives you all the necessary equipment in one piece. Fly also delivers an accompanying app that delivers fitness classes, a community with teams and competitions and personal interactions.

Fly provides the consumer with unsurpassed flexibility in the quantity of exercises and workout locations with emphasis on delivering performance, accountability, community, optimistic belief whilst not intruding into any of the user’s environments or lifestyles.

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