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Mycelium Shoebox

75 million people are currently employed in the fashion industry and this number is only growing. As production grows, so too does the packaging waste produced as a result. The large majority of this waste ends up in landfill as it does not have any value to the user once the product inside has been removed.

The Mycelium Shoebox is a 100% bio-degradable packaging alternative which aims to give more back to the user and the environment. The Mycelium Shoebox represents an attempt to make packaging which does not take more from the earth than it gives back. Grown using organic material and mycelium, the box has been designed to be used as a fertiliser in your garden at its end-of-life.

Mycelium, the main fibrous body of a fungus, is excellent at removing toxins from soil and the organic substrate will breakdown releasing any nutrients contained within it to your plants, removing the waste from landfill and benefiting your gardens health.

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