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Kirsty Hayes


My name is Kirsty Hayes and I am a final year product design student. For my final year project, my area of interest was Sensory Processing Disorder. My product is called the ‘WanderVest’.

‘WanderVest’ is a vest with compression technology to provide deep pressure input for the tactile defensive passenger. This aspect relates back to one of the three main insights taken from the research stage. The front pocket allows for the seatbelt to pass through when closing and is secured by Velcro. This feature holds the belt in place, reducing friction between the belt and the passenger. The seatbelt clasp cover provides an extra level of protection by preventing the passenger from unlocking the seatbelt. The final concept is aimed at children with over-responsive sensory processing disorder. This product greatly reduces the risk of sensory overload or discomfort for the user and can provide the guardian of the child with SPD with reassurance their child is safer and less anxious.

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