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The ISCI or itch-scratch cycle intervention was designed to assist the user in breaking the itch-scratch cycle. Designed for versatility, the ISCI is a convenient compact device that can be used on any skin irritation. Low-frequency vibration and cooling work in conjunction to distract the user from the itch.. The ISCI provides the user with the opportunity to take control of their skin irritation. This new revolutionary approach to controlling skin irritation is hoped to liberate people from the intense burden of skin irritation, improve self-esteem and improve the user's overall quality of life.

Dermatitis is ranked as the fourth most common cause of human illness, resulting in an enormous nonā€fatal burden. Despite this, many affected people do not consult a physician. Accordingly, the actual burden might be even higher since reported prevalence rates are typically based on secondary data that exclude individuals who do not seek medical care. The specific problem identified with the current methods used to control skin irritation in millions of people is that it is recovery-based (creams, oils, medication, etc.). Some of this intervention can, in the long term, exacerbate the condition. Through initial tests, it has proven to be highly effective at reducing and controlling skin irritation. There are few substitutes or competitors on the market that aim to maintain, control and improve the itch-scratch cycle, making the ISCI is an innovative, pioneering product.

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