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Fiachra Behan Halpin

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Hello I'm Fiachra, a final year product design student in Technological University Dublin, and one of the first to experience their entire final year in a global pandemic lockdown during 2020-21.

This product was originally designed for buskers to bridge the frightening gap for newcomers who want to start live performing and for those who miss performing dearly as both a job and a lifestyle. Yet, by the end of the project I had designed a mass customization manufacturing process, that can be tailored online by anyone who desires a durable and compact alternative to large carry cases. With added versatility, by incorporating easy access storage pouches, a poster window and contactless technology for promoting, payment links or speeding up workflow processes. That also comes with a customizable, lightweight, removable, drawstring protective tarp that allows you to fasten it around the various items that are being carried for quick deployment and retraction under unpredictable weather conditions.

Due to the versatility of this customisable product it can branch into a wide variety of industries that require interactive display cases as well as delivery, construction and hospitality services when protecting large and unorthodoxly shaped objects.

Fiachra Behan Halpin Proj1 1 by project-2 Fiachra Behan Halpin Proj1 2 by project-2 Fiachra Behan Halpin Proj1 3 by project-2 Fiachra Behan Halpin Proj1 4 by project-2 Fiachra Behan Halpin Proj1 5 by project-2 Fiachra Behan Halpin Proj1 6 by project-2