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Menstrual pain is the most frequent gynecological complaint amongst menstruators. 79% of women suffer from menstrual pain. Mood swings are a commonly reported symptom of menstruation. 54% of survey participants rated the negative psychological impact on their lives during the menstruation as 4/5 or higher.

Luna is a menstrual mindfulness kit, which enables users to practice menstrual mindfulness practically and intuitively. It reduces the impact of both physical and psychological negative menstrual symptoms. Included in the kit is a simple at-a-glance menstrual tracker with counters related to the emotions felt by the user and a reflective diary for the user to comment on their daily emotions in more detail. To treat menstrual pain, the kit includes a menstrual pain alleviating massage tool with an accompanying aromatherapy massage oil.

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Luna allows users to practice Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA), which encourages menstrual cycle acceptance. It teaches users about the various phases of their menstrual cycle, allowing them to understand when it is best to complete certain tasks or take some personal time.

Less Mood Swings

Practicing MCA with Luna involves simple daily emotional tracking with the included counters and reflective diary. Over time, users will be able to predict their daily emotions in relation to their menstrual cycle and act appropriately.

Menstrual Pain Relief

Luna includes a menstrual massage tool with an accompanying menstrual pain elixir (an aromatherapy massage oil). This tool allows users to treat their symptoms of menstrual pain in a safe and natural manner and creates a therapeutic ritual during menstruation.

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