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ComPose is a posture monitoring seat cushion and app for guitarists which promotes neutral posture, encourages good practice habits, and educates guitarists.

Just like athletes, guitarists are prone to overuse and musculoskeletal injuries. However, many guitarists do not realise that their issues are preventable. Although guitarists’ injuries are most commonly felt in the hands and wrists, these issues are often caused by compensating for poor posture. ComPose will monitor the guitarist’s posture as they play, giving them feed back and advice for how to improve. Guitarists can track their posture history and improvements via the app and gain positive encouragement by collecting achievements.

The ComPose seat cushion will also vibrate to remind its users to take a break from practice to stretch every twenty minutes. This helps to relieve tension and prevent overuse injuries.

The ComPose app also comes with video tutorials from guitar teachers and physiotherapists advising guitarists on good practice habits.

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