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Sindija Katkovska

Dawson House Senior Centre

The aim of this project was to convert the Joshua Dawson House which is an office/retail space located in Dublin city center on Dawson street into a senior centre that would also accommodate elderly people. The centre provides seniors with a variety of activities to keep them healthy, help them interact with others and would also provide a wide variety of programs and services such as nutrition programs, exercise programs and classes on variety of topics.

The centre is not only for the residents but also for elderly people who wish to live at home but still want to interact with people their age and stay active.
Dublin doesn’t offer a senior centre that is located in the city and also allow people to live there. This would be a great addition to the location as it is easy access and would allow residents to enjoy city life and all of the great nearby destinations it offers such as museums, parks, shops, restaurants etc. The centre would be perfect for someone who wants to stay in the city but is unable to live alone or simply wants company.

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