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Project 1: ONE

This design project aims to convert an existing office in Grand Canal Dock into a smart luxury business hotel. The purpose of this business hotel is to provide a unique and novel hotel experience with the power of technology that converts into Smart Hotel Technology.

Hotel guests will have personal control and a seamless experience. Two possible examples are that the devices will allow the guess to remotely control heating or use voice commands to request information. Additionally, hotels can stand out by offering seamless check-ins, automatic payments, and rooms that can be unlocked via a smartphone.

Business hotel technology is aimed at the customer and their ease of use. The use of any device will undoubtedly increase enjoyment. The very same devices are great at reducing the energy usage of a hotel, which can reduce the carbon footprint and make the guest stay more environmentally friendly.
The hotel would be used by the public and businesspeople alike, but also as a meeting place and social venue with restaurants, bar, private dining and more. Appreciating the role of smart hotel technology is the best way to leverage the unique benefits associated with the hotel. Not only will it enhance the reputation of the hotel, but guests can be rest assured in the knowledge that guests are being provided with a truly memorable experience.

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