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Kathleen Batomalaque


PHASE Retail

This design thesis was born from the inspiration of the designer’s conceptual idea, “Archived Clothing”. From observing the lifestyle cycles of fashion and its evolution throughout the decades, the aim was to design a retail store through a unique perspective. As more technology seeps into the daily lives of individuals, the way in which people choose to shop is changing. Less and less people are selecting to shop in stores and opting for the online services more.

In considering this, the chosen building is located in a tech-hub area, the Docklands. With such innovative technology surrounding the building, naturally the design of the interior reflects this aspect. PHASE Retail, offers an immersive experience to individuals looking for a new way to shop. Through creating virtual interactive environments within the interior, visitors are encouraged to be engaged with the space. This contemporary way of shopping aids convenience to individuals in both the digital and physical world.

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