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Hai Thanh Nguyen

Isolation resident

“Bring back our cultural heritage”

The hustle of life requires and compels people to always rush forward to catch up with the trend of social development. Despite that, anyone needs a minute to rest, a place to lie down, to balance and enjoy what they have achieved.

The design focus of this building is to become a luxury apartment residence in the heart of the capital. In today world we are too busy pursuing our careers, constantly trying to go further at work but forget to enjoy time for ourselves and our family. This apartment tower is designed to separate from the outside world as a way to isolate people from the busy pace of life, forget all worries, sorrows and truly spend time with family and relatives.

To convert this office building to a luxurious A level residential promises a captivating lifestyle that allows you to enjoy the joy of living with the finest in-building amenities, together with the exquisite choice of designs and materials. With just a few steps, residents of the apartment can go to the largest shopping mall in the city, where all the businesses want to be in this location. In addition, what is better than after busy working hours just take a walk home, improve your health with the gym and swimming pool and watch the lavish scenes of the city from the court your house.

Through this residential, we want to build a re-enactment of the Vietnamese people in the arduous days of the war, the emotions and difficulties to always remember unforgettable things, the days of living in the bomb shelter in fear, the human values of the war, to live, to survive and together. Inside the building is a revival of the Southeast Asian culture of Vietnam not only during the war but also a length of 4000 years of history with its own colorful cultures so that every person here does not forget their cultural heritage.

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