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The body of work entitled “Pandemic” engages a series of associated research elements, each of which are a consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic. The artworks involve depictions of the human figure, with a specific focus on face masks and eyes. This body of work is made up of a series of paintings, photography and a video work.

The artworks uses the eyes as a persistent device. The photographic works are a series of staged works, implicating humans as object and materials that attempt to convey or refer to the social and psychological effects or repercussions of the Covid 19 pandemic. The characters in the photographs are Asian and this choice is reflective of the specific psychological complexities of being a Chinese person based in the West during this time. The western media encouraged a division between East and West in particular during the beginning of the pandemic and this division is implicated in the video work, where there is an implication of broadcast media and it’s coverage of the pandemic. Because of the widespread wearing of masks the eyes have become the predominant means of non language based communication during the pandemic and this is reflected in the paintings that are part of the exhibition. These small, careful, intimate paintings attempt to speak about universality and humanity.

This body of works speaks about the relationships between forms of communication, socially constructed division and universality.

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