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Caleigh Palmer

Diverging Colour Series

dimensions- 120cm x 60cm

My work consists of a series of abstract geometric paintings made using acrylic and household paint on MDF. The work stems from two related interests; firstly, the formalist painting concerns of geometric abstraction such as line, form, the interaction of colours, symmetry, and pattern—secondly, an interest in Futurist Architecture and the spatial and imaginative possibilities it enabled.

These simultaneous interests are perceptually played out in the paintings via the use of geometric logic, repetition, movement, flow, sharp edges, and dynamic lines that suggest motion, expressiveness, and lyricism. The diverging lines indicate a sense of speed and urgency. The choice to use MDF, a construction material, as a painting surface also alludes to the built environment and architecture.

The paintings are concerned with visual stimulation, spatial perception, and forms of aesthetic value. Each work is built up in layers of colour that reveal and conceal one another—constructed like a building, with repeated lines, texture and colours but offering balance and stability. The paintings explore the materiality of paint and its perceptual boundaries.

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