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Boguslawa Marczakiewicz


Anyone Who Raises His Hand Against Authority, The Authority Will Chop off That Hand!

Boguslawa Marczakiewicz is a Polish female artist who has lived in Ireland for fifteen years.

Anyone Who Raises His Hand Against Authority, The Authority Will Chop off That Hand! This exhibition consists 32 oil paintings on boards -(20x20cm), installation of 3 oil paintings on canvas- (40x100cm each) and an installation of private-fabrics sculpture (aprox.150x300cm). This project emerged from feelings of anger and frustration about the status of women within the current political regime in Poland.

Poland is a country located between Russia and Germany, the cradle of two terrifying ideologies in modern European history. In a sense, the contemporary history of Poland is a record of the brutal clash of Communism and Nazism in Europe. This turbulent history results from a centuries-long struggle for power and land between European countries, of liquid borders and authoritarianism.

The feminist protest that occurred in Poland during 2021 resulted from the neglect and errors of polish politicians of both genders in the past few decades. The past few decades' mistakes are the result of the complicated political situation in Poland that has evolved over the 20th century.

For centuries, painting, music, literature, and architecture in Poland was a form of resistance to preserve identity, freedom, and humanity.

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