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Aj Higgins

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Fo(a)lded Over

Aj Higgins graduated with a B.A in Fine Art at TU Dublin in 2020. Her work is primarily digital based and she gravitates towards the use of bold color in her digital illustration and animation practice.

Horses have always been a passion in her life and she is actively exploring equine behavour and their communication methods in her practice. Fo(a)lded Over is an A3 print of a digital illustration. This piece deals with the mistreatment and welfare issues of the “urban” horses in Dublin City and its surroundings. So many horses are tethered to trees, goal posts, tyres, bits of rubble and burnt cars.  Others are left to roam around the streets to fend for themselves. So many of these have very limited to no regular water source or shelter and unfortunately a lot of these animals are being physically abused also. This illustration amplifies the dystopian environment that the horses are typically seen in, focusing on the burnt out car & derelict house.

Due to COVID volunteering opportunities at animal rescue charities has proven to be difficult, but she donates a portion of some of her prints to local charities such as My Lovely Horse Rescue. Prints of Fo(a)lded Over will be available for purchase after the Grad Show 2021, with 50% of the price going straight to the Mimas charity of your choice.

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