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Aaron Cottrell


The works presented for my degree show are a series of abstract paintings and photographic works that utilize clothing as both canvas and framework.

My artistic process involves painting and photography, focusing on the use of colour through various mediums, methods, and scale. The approach stems from a consistent interest in forms of abstract and colour field painting. The key persistent elements are the use of methods of colour application using paint, pastels and water, and the use of materials and clothing that serve as a canvas or surface. Every piece follows the same procedure, beginning by applying colours to fabric and blending and expanding them using water.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced me to transform both the scale and form of my work in response to the various enforced limitations associated with working from home. These limitations meant a lack of physical studio space and access to specific art-making materials. The works were initially made on large cotton sheets but evolved to become smaller works using materials that were accessible to me in my home. I began to incorporate old clothing from my household, and these items became the canvas for my paintings. I photographed a number of these works on the body to enable new readings and interpretations of these abstract painted surfaces where they act as both painting and performative document.

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