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Vinicius Pim

Project 1: #GamerGate and subsequent resistance

Remodeling the representation in video game industry?

Does GamerGate ideologies influence the maintenance of a vicious cycle of harassment? The Gamergate controversy is linked to a vicious cycle of misogyny inside the games culture and industry, the subsequent feminist resistance is beginning to produce better online and physical environment of gender equality. Previous research was developed during the early periods of the controversy, they were unable to precisely predict how the game culture was going to react to it, no subsequent studies crossed data between recent years and 2014, to analyze how the feminist’s minority were developing against the sexism. Theories of social dominance, male privilege and economy (Free Market) were used to understand which ideals were part of the creation of this vicious cycle, inside and outside the online environment. Are the mass harassment acts successful into keep female out of the gaming culture and industry? Crossed information from infographics, between 2014 and 2021 were used to determine how influential was GamerGate over the subsequent resistance, as data showed, the vicious cycle in real world is maintained by a series of ideologies exposed during the GamerGate period, such online harassment cycle has direct relation to the real-world harassment cycle, that affects the development of the game industry. The findings indicate that, on the following years after the controversy in 2014, feminist groups were responsible for a rising resistance against misogyny that, is creating more space for women inside the culture and industry of games.

1 Tomb Raider by gamergate