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Stefan McLaughlin

Project 2: Talking Points (Group Project)

Representation Through the Looking Glass

In the modern day and within the world of social media and the internet people are finding it incredibly easier to be seen and incredibly less easy to be heard, from political and societal issues to being scouted for a new pop band, we currently live within a generation where the only thing that matters is face value and not the message that lays behind said face. So, with this environment in place how do minorities of society or even the workplace get their faces seen as well as their voices heard. In this essay I explore the issue of female representation within TV and media industry as well as answering the question of ‘is there a criteria for success’ regarding females in the media/tv workplace? As well as explain the idea of the dominatrix of the industry and the effect it has on the representation of female faces and voices. I also explore where representation is going and how it is going to grow because one thing that has been made evidently clear to us in recent months is that representation, matters.

Stefan Mclaughlin Project 1 Thesis 2 by representation-through-the-looking-glass Talking Points poster by new-project-page