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Creative Climate Change

The Podcast

The concept for this cultural project is to explore the connection between climate change awareness and the creative and cultural industries. This concept developed from research that was done while taking part in the Thesis Preparation module where many studies were found on the idea that the arts and culture can create a deeper connection to the public on issues like climate change.

For this cultural project, the main objective was to demonstrate the studies found and organise an event that is entertaining but also educational. Plans were made to hold an outdoor screening of David Attenborough’s movie A Life On Our Planet followed by an open discussion with guest speakers but due to the COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland, changes had to be made.

After a lot of thought, the new virtual event idea was to organise a podcast. Creative Climate Change is a three part podcast joined by three different climate change organisations; Climate Youth Artivists, Plan Africa and Climate Ambassador Programme. Each organisation has their own episode where they discuss their unique ways they incorporate creativity and culture in their work.

Each episode finishes with the guest speakers sharing tips for the viewers on creative ways they can take part in climate action. It aired on YouTube on the 30th of April 2021 to the public.


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