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With the creative and cultural industries exiting out of a stagnating 12 month stand-still and entering a new post-covid era of the arts and culture, my cultural project took the shape of a 3-part long-form interview series, shot on TUDublin's new Grangegorman City Campus, with an aim to forecast what the spirit of the upcoming creative and cultural age in Ireland will look like told by the young visual artists of Generation Z that will lead it. The unwritten laws of Irish Generation Z attitudes and values have yet to be explored as a focal point in a creative and cultural industries setting despite how impactful we are expecting it to be and how much it has already changed the industry, so this project responds to that urgency and provides a roadmap to navigating the new spirit of this new age as it begins to formally participate in the industry. Featuring the work of Jonathan Daczkowski, Rudi-Lee McCarthy, and FINDJORDY, topics discussed include artistic appropriation, new attitudes to politics and culture in the digital age, mental health, and creative control.

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