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Belinda McCullagh

Project 1: What Does the Current Nostalgia for the Showbands Reveal About Ireland?

The purpose of this study is to show how nostalgia has maintained the showband era to be alive in the 21st century. There have been practical studies undertaken on the showband industry previously, however, this study gives an in-depth view of the commencement, evolving stages, and the influence the showband era had and has on cultural entertainment in the 21st century. The research undertaken covers the historic formation and the industry ways of working in detail. I was motivated to write about the showband industry due to family connections.

The research and findings of the thesis indicate the nostalgic association with the showband industry and its benefits to society. The arts industry previously was used as an escape for Ireland and in the 21st century can be and still is used emotively.

Throughout the thesis there is reference to politics, history and the key people that were involved in building the showband scene, for example Albert Reynolds who as Taoiseach was responsible for initiating the process that would end the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland. But as a young entrepreneur he was involved in building the ballrooms that were used by the showbands.

Image 1 by nostalgia-showbands